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More About FlinnPREP AP® Practice Exams

Availability and Cost

Practice Exams for the AP® Chemistry Prep Course and AP® Biology Prep Course will be available April 1, 2017. These practice exams are automatically included with any active individual student license or any active classroom license. If you are currently using the FlinnPREP program there is no need to make any additional purchase. Practice Exams will be available to students on April 1st when you log in.

Practice Exam Structure

Both AP® Chemistry and AP® Biology Prep courses include two full practice exams (Available April, 1).

Teachers will have the opportunity to assign a practice exam as timed or untimed. A timed exam will best replicate what students will experience on exam day. Untimed exams will allow students to take extra time with each question and study the structure and content.

Multiple Choice Questions

AP® Chemistry
Practice Exams include 60 multiple choice questions.

AP® Biology
Practice Exams include 63 multiple choice questions and 6 grid-in questions.

If taking the exam timed, students have 90 minutes to complete this section.

If taking the exam untimed, students can save their progress and return later to complete any remaining questions.

Once completed, students can see their results immediately.

Free Response Questions

Students complete calculations and work out answers on paper. Teachers have access to a scoring rubric for all free response questions and can decide to collect exams for grading or share the rubric in FlinnPREP with students for self-grading.

Students that purchase access to FlinnPREP and are not Linked to a teacher classroom have access to the self-grading rubric after completing the free response question section.

AP® Chemistry
Practice exams include 7 free response questions.

AP® Biology
Practice exams include 8 free response questions.

Students Can Take Exams Multiple Times

Both AP® Chemistry and AP® Biology practice exams include two full tests.

Students can take each exam multiple times for additional practice. The same questions are presented in each successive attempt to complete an exam.

Teachers retain the scores from the initial two exams in their records.

Questions Correlated to AP® Learning Objectives

Teachers can select each specific question in their Classroom Results Overview page to view which topics were covered in that question and which AP® learning objectives were included.

Test Taking Strategy and Test Grading Videos

Both AP® Chemistry and AP® Biology practice exams include a section on Test Taking Strategy for exam day.

Information about exam structure, how questions are typically constructed, and how the exams are graded can be found in this section.

Each free response question also includes a Test Grading Video which breaks down steps students should take to derive a correct answer. Test Grading Videos also cover how points were assigned for each question.

Test Grading Videos can be activated by a teacher after practice tests have been completed.