Teacher Testimonials
"Many of my students review FlinnPREPTM before they review our textbook. It is easier to read and understand than many of the chapters in our textbook. They love the mixture of videos, text and diagrams to help explain the more difficult material. When I shared that games will be added the new version of the application being released in May of 2017 they were very excited because they said when they play review games they remember the material more than just reading the material alone."
"Great detailed progress monitoring data especially if you have smaller class sizes so you can really break down each learner. Also allows you to see larger trends in the class specifically broken down to topic so super useful establishing reviews needed."
"Having five AP® level content topics has really helped. The students read the text, watch the videos and take the mini-quizzes within each chapter and they have reported back the great impact it has made. Since FlinnPREPTM has streamlined the chapters, they can get a quick over-view to supplement their learning, which they find valuable. Sometimes they miss something in class and FlinnPREPTM can help get them back up to speed."
School Testimonials
"FlinnPREPTM has been a valuable supplement to our existing materials. Information is consistent and at the appropriate level for review."
"The available progress monitoring data provides all you need to know about student success on the end-of-unit assessment. This has proven invaluable in providing timely re-teaching."
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