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General Account Set-up

How do I set up a teacher account?

A teacher account allows instructors to review content and create FlinnPREP™ and FlinnSAFETY™ classrooms to track student progress and view detailed student reports. From the home page, select New User and choose "I'm a Teacher."

What information is required for a teacher account?

General contact information, along with information about your school and science discipline are required to setup a teacher account. Your sign-up information will be validated by Flinn Scientific before access to the program is granted. This may take up to 24 hours (M–F).

How do I set up a student account?

A student account allows users to purchase a FlinnPREP™ course, a FlinnSAFETY™ course or activate a student linking code received from a teacher. Select New User and choose “I’m a Student.”

What information is required for a student account?

Students must only provide their name, email address and password to create an account.

Can I change my email address?

Email addresses cannot be changed in the FlinnPREP™ program. Contact Flinn Scientific if your existing email is deactivated or you change schools.

How to create an Avatar at (or just Gravatar)

  1. Select “manage your custom avatar at” from your Profile page to leave the FlinnPREP™ program and go to the Gravatar homepage.
  2. Select “Create Your Own Gravatar.”
  3. Enter the email address associated with the FlinnPREP™ program.
  4. Create a username and password for managing your Gravatar and select “Sign Up.”
  5. You will receive a link via email to activate your account.
  6. Select the link and sign in to Gravatar.
  7. From the Manage Gravatars page, choose “Add one by clicking here” to add an image.
  8. Choose one of the options and follow the prompts to add an image.
  9. Once an image is selected and cropped it will be linked to your email address.
  10. When you login to the FlinnPREP™ program with that email address, or any other site that uses Gravatar, that image will be your Avatar photo.
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Teacher Account Topics

How do I view a Free Course Preview from my teacher account?

  1. Sign in to the FlinnPREP™ program.
  2. Verify that your teacher account has been activated. Your login status, located under your name, should be “teacher”.
  3. Select the “Preview Course” button in the left page navigation. Users on a mobile device will need to open the menu icon to access this button.
  4. Select the course that you want to preview.
  5. Users with a verified teacher account can preview all course content including unit text, images, videos, animations, and quick quizzes. End-of-unit assessments are not available as part of the free teacher preview. Sample Assessment Questions are available to view or download. A full feature demo unit is also available on the home page that includes a sample end-of-unit assessment. Users must be logged out to access the demo unit.
  6. FlinnPREP™ course units are listed near the top of the page allowing teachers to navigate to a different section.
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Assessment Questions

Does FlinnPREP™ provide reteach opportunities within assessments?

Students will have the opportunity to view a reteach video on an end-of-unit assessment results page. Reteach videos are available for questions that were answered incorrectly and display directly on the results page. Reteach videos provide an in-depth explanation on how a correct answer can be derived for a specific question type. Additionally, the table of contents within a unit also includes the full list of reteach videos for each section.

Are reteach videos available for all questions?

Reteach videos are available for the majority of questions in the FlinnPREP™ program.

Can I view assessment questions in a teacher account?

Assessment questions and assessment functionality are only available through a paid student account. If your teacher account is linked to a student account you have access to detailed student assessment results. Visit the Sample Assessment Questions page to view or download sample questions.

How are assessment questions assigned?

Each unit contains a predetermined pool of assessment questions. Every time a student takes an assessment they are given a random selection of 20 questions from that unit question pool. The amount of questions within a unit’s question pool will vary from 50–90. Questions are categorized in each unit by subtopics. Each assessment contains a specific percentage of questions from each subtopic. If a student needs to retake a unit assessment, the selection of 20 questions will again be randomly assigned from the question pool. No two assessments are the same.

Can I assign my students specific questions from the question bank?

All questions are automatically assigned by the FlinnPREP™ program. Students will all receive comparable level questions for each subtopic in a FlinnPREP™ course or a FlinnSAFETY™ course.

Do teachers have access to view the assessment question bank?

For copyright and security reasons, Flinn Scientific, Inc. does not provide access to the FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ assessment question bank for teachers. If you are linked to one or more students that are completing a course you will have access to their detailed assessment results. Teachers have access to each question that was asked and how the student answered the question.

What is the FlinnPREP™ program assessment format?

Each unit in the program includes a multiple-choice assessment aligned to the topics for the unit. Questions will vary in difficulty depending on specific unit subject content. An example of the question format is shown below, along with the format teachers will see in a student’s assessment report.

What score is required to pass a FlinnPREP™ course or a FlinnSAFETY™ course?

Teachers can decide what passing percentage they want to set for students. Students can take the end of unit assessments as many times as they like and the system will keep track of all their scores.

Can students retake an assessment after it has been passed?

Yes, students may take the assessments unlimited amount of times.

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Creating and Managing FlinnPREP™ and FlinnSAFETY™ Classrooms

How do I create a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom?

  1. Once your FllinnPREP™ program teacher account has been activated by Flinn Scientific you can set up a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom.
  2. Choose Classrooms on the left side of the page.
  3. Create a name for your FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom.
  4. Choose the FlinnPREP™ course or FlinnSAFETY™ course that your students will be completing.
  5. If you have purchased a classroom license from Flinn Scientific you can enter that registration key when creating your classroom. Any students that you link to your classroom will then have access to that course content. This step is optional and you have the opportunity to create a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom without a license tied to it. Students that are then linked to your classrooms would need to purchase individual licenses to access course content, but you will be able to track results.
  6. Select “Create New Classroom.”

How do I invite students to join a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom?

After you create your FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom, a classroom management window will open beneath the “Create a Classroom” portion of the page. In this section you are given a student Linking Code for the classroom. This 5-digit code can be given to any students that you want to link to your FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom. If you have activated a classroom license, linked students will have access to the course content.

Do I need to purchase a classroom license to link students to a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom?

A teacher can create a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom and provide students with a linking code without purchasing a student or classroom license. Students would need to purchase their own individual license in order to access the course content. Student progress and assessment reports would still be available to the linked teacher.

We have multiple sections of students enrolled in the same course this year/semester; can we purchase one large classroom license and allow multiple teachers access?

Flinn Scientific is dedicated to meeting the needs of your situation. Please contact us at 800-452-1261 - and we'll help you configure a custom license that best suits your students and teachers needs.

Can I pause my classroom license and activate it at a later date?

A classroom license will be valid for 365 consecutive days from the point of activation.

I bought a license for up to 30 students and did not use all 30, can those be rolled over to next year?

Please contact us at 800-452-1261 - and we will help you customize a license that works best for you.

What is a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ Classroom?

A Classroom for a FlinnPREP™ course or a FlinnSAFETY™ course is a feature of the program that allows you to link with your students. This feature gives you the ability to view and track student progress through the course, see full assessment results, view detailed assessment reports, and communicate with your students directly via the built-in discussion feature.

Can I have more than one FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ Classroom?

Teachers may create an unlimited number of FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classrooms.

If I teach two or more sections of the same class do I need to create multiple FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ Classrooms?

You do not need to create multiple FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classrooms as long as all of the students in your classroom are completing the same FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ course.

I teach one AP* Biology and one AP* Chemistry class. Do I need to create two separate FlinnPREP™ course classrooms?

Yes, you will need to create a separate FlinnPREP™ course classroom for each unique FlinnPREP™ course that your students will be completing.

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Managing Students

How do I access my students’ course information?

Choose “Students” from your profile page. Once you have created a classroom and your students have accepted their invitations to join the classroom, you will be able to view their course progress and assessment results there.

In my list of students, what does Full Access and Trial Access mean?

Students that you have linked to join a FlinnPREP™ course or a FlinnSAFETY™ course classroom can have two potential levels of access. A student with full access has an activated course. A student with trial access has entered a student linking code from their teacher, but has not purchased and activated a course yet.

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Website Navigation

I do not see the course navigation menu on the left side of the page.

If you are viewing the FlinnPREP™ program in portrait mode on a tablet or on a smartphone your screen will automatically format to fit your screen. The menu may be accessed by selecting the square icon with three horizontal lines. The menu will then open on your screen.

What is included in a Demo Unit?

Each course has one free demo unit available for review. Each allows users to experience one full unit as a student would in the course. Included is all course content (text, images, animations, videos, quick quizzes) and access to the end of unit assessment. The demo unit allows users the opportunity to view reteach videos for assessment questions that are not answered correctly.

Can demo unit assessment results be saved and applied to a purchased Course?

Results from a demo unit assessment will not be applied to a purchased course. The demo unit operates separate of any activated course.

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Purchasing the Course

How do classroom licenses work in the FlinnPREP™ program?

Teachers have the option to purchase a classroom license to give their students access to a FlinnPREP™ course or a FlinnSAFETY™ course. There are several classroom size options available, please see the Course Catalog page to view current offerings. Teachers are given an 8-digit registration key upon completion of a classroom license purchase. Please see the section on “Creating a Classroom” to view how a classroom license is activated.

Can teachers use a school purchase order to purchase FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ courses?

Teachers can order a classroom license or individual registration keys for FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ courses with a school purchase order through the Flinn Scientific website. To visit the Flinn Webstore and order your FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ registration keys go to After your order has been entered at Flinn you will receive an email with your 8-digit classroom license key.

How do you complete a transaction using the secure credit card checkout process?

  1. Verify that the correct number of registration keys is selected, in most cases this will be the default selection (1).
  2. Select “Add a New Card” if you have not already added a credit card to this account.
  3. Enter credit card information into the secure purchase window.
  4. Select “Save” once credit card information has been entered.
  5. Once a card has been verified and saved, select the card and press the purchase button.
  6. After the purchase goes through you will receive an on-screen confirmation with your 8-digit registration key. Write this down or copy the keycode so it can be pasted on the redemption page. You will also receive an email with your receipt of transaction, 8-digit registration key, and invoice number.

I purchased a course at and did not receive my registration keycode?

When you purchase a FlinnPREP™ course or a FlinnSAFETY™ with a credit card you will receive an on-screen confirmation when your order has been processed successfully. You will also receive an email with confirmation of your order and a copy of your 8-digit registration key. If you did not receive an on-screen confirmation, like the one in the image below, your transaction most likely did not process. You can contact Flinn Scientific during normal business hours (7:30 am – 5:00 pm CT, M-F) and we can verify if the transaction did process.

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Assessment Reports for Teachers

Can teachers view all student assessment results, even if they did not pass?

Teachers have access to the assessment details for every student in their FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom with an activated course. Select the student name to view their detailed course progress, then select a passing score to see the student’s results. There is also a listing for previous attempts. The last five attempts will be stored. Choose the previous attempt number for that unit to view the scores. Choose a score to view the details of that assessment.

Can I print a student or classroom assessment report?

Fully formatted assessment reports can be printed through your web browser’s print function.

Can I view assessment details for a student who has not yet completed a course?

You will be able to see a course overview and assessment details for the portion of the course that has been completed by a student.

Who developed the course content and assessment questions?

All course content including text, images, animation, videos and assessments were created by the Flinn Scientific product management staff. This team is comprised of chemists, biologists and physicists with diverse scientific backgrounds including experienced instructors at the secondary and university level, researchers and those with an industrial background. The same staff that has been trusted for over 35 years to develop the #1 preferred laboratory content in the science classroom today. A full profile of the authorship team can be seen on the FlinnPREP™ home page.

What information is in a teacher classroom report?

Teachers have access to a full classroom report. This information is compiled for all students who are linked to your FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom and provides an overview of where the classroom, as a whole, is strong and where additional review may be appropriate.

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Discussion and Messages

Can I participate in discussions if I am not part of a FlinnPREP™ or a FlinnSAFETY™ classroom?

Discussion boards are only available to students and teachers who have been linked in a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom.

Can I send other users in the FlinnPREP™ program messages if I am not part of a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom?

Direct Messages are only available to students and teachers who have been linked in a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom.

Who is responsible for moderating FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ discussion boards?

The teacher who set up a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom is responsible for moderating the content posted on their classroom discussion boards. Teachers have the ability to delete any comments they feel are inappropriate.

Can a teacher send a direct message to multiple students?

Messages are only available for 1 to 1 communication between the teacher that set up the classroom and one specific student.

Can a student send a direct message to another student?

The Message feature only allows for communication between the student and the teacher that set up the classroom.

Can a teacher choose which students see a specific discussion topic?

Discussion topics will be available to all members of a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom.

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Student Account Topics

How do I activate a student linking code from my teacher?

There is an entry field in the middle of the homepage where the 5-digit student linking code that a student received from a teacher can be entered. A student linking code can also be entered on the student “My Courses” page after an account has been created and a student is logged in.

Why was my course not activated after my purchase?

When a course is purchased through the FlinnPREP™ program the user will receive an 8-digit registration key on a confirmation page after the transaction has been approved. This registration key will need to be entered on the “Redeem Keycode” page to activate a course.

What is included in a trial unit?

Students that have created an account in the FlinnPREP™ program can view any available trial unit for courses within the program. The trial unit will allow students to view all relevant course content specific to that trial unit and take the assessment. The assessment results will be saved. If you activate a full course you will not need to complete an assessment for the corresponding trial unit again if you already passed it.

Why can’t I view the discussion board or messages?

The discussion board and messages feature is only available to students that are linked to a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom that was set up by their teacher. If your teacher has a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ classroom they will invite you to join the classroom via email. At that point you will have access to the discussion board and messaging feature.

How long will I have access to course content if I purchase an individual license to a course?

When purchasing an individual student license for access to a FlinnPREP™ or FlinnSAFETY™ course you will be given 365 days of access to the course content from the time that you redeem your registration key. After the time has expired you will still have access to your assessment results, reports, and certificate, but you will not be able to access the course content.

How long will I have access to a course if I activate it with a student linking code from a teacher?

You will have 365 days of access to a course from the day that the linked teacher activated their classroom. The number of access days left on your course is available on the “My Courses” page.

How many opportunities will a student have to pass an assessment?

Students may take assessments an unlimited amount of times.

Do students have to complete units in chronological order?

Students may complete units in any order they wish.

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