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Terms of Use – Student

  1. By creating a Student account in FlinnPREP™ for access to any FlinnPREP™ course and lab solution, you agree to the following terms of use:
  1. Some courses and lab solutions in FlinnPREP™ include a free sample unit to view. Users must be logged into FlinnPREP™ to view any of the available sample unit content. The sample units contain an assessment at the end which you may complete without purchasing a course. If a user chooses to purchase a course at a later date any assessment results compiled during the completion of a sample unit will be retained.
  2. FlinnPREP™ courses may be purchased by a user in a student account with a valid credit card. Students under 18 must get a parent’s permission before submitting credit card information to Flinn Scientific.
  3. After a purchase is completed by a user of a student account in FlinnPREP™, the user will receive notification via the email address used at sign-up that will contain a registration key to unlock a course. A unique registration key is assigned to each course purchased.
  4. A student will have 365 days of access to FlinnPREP™ from the day that a registration key for any course is activated. After 365 days has expired the user will still have access to the assessment results and diagnostic reports but will no longer have access to the course and lab solutions content.
  5. All FlinnPREP™ course and lab solutions material, including written text, figures and images, video content, animations, and assessment questions and answers are subject to copyright by Flinn Scientific, Inc. Any user who violates this copyright could be subject to legal action. Using the protected content for any reason other than the intended purpose as stated by Flinn Scientific, Inc. can be interpreted as a violation of the copyright. All student account users of FlinnPREP™ may not print and distribute any of the contained course and lab solutions material, including written text, images and figures, quizzes, and assessments. All student account users of FlinnPREP™ are also prohibited from saving digital copies of the protected content to their local device. FlinnPREP™ course and lab solutions content is to be viewed by only the user that activated a registration key to view said content on their local machine or mobile device. The protected content within all FlinnPREP™ courses and lab solutions are not to be shown to other students either on a classroom projection system, smart board, or through any other system of digital content distribution.
  6. Access to FlinnPREP™ student account and all the information and privileges that come with that access are limited to only the individual who has created the account. Login IDs and password information are not to be shared with other individuals.
  7. A discussion board is included in FlinnPREP™ for both users with a student account and users with a teacher account. Discussion boards are only available to teachers and students that have been linked to a classroom through teacher account. The user who created FlinnPREP™ classroom is responsible for monitoring and removing comments that they feel to be inappropriate. Flinn Scientific, Inc. is not responsible for moderating information that is added to a FlinnPREP™ discussion board. Teacher account users of the FlinnPREP™ are responsible for providing student users with proper guidelines for discussion board use.
  8. Flinn Scientific, Inc. may update content within FlinnPREP™ courses and lab solutions from time to time.
  9. Flinn Scientific Inc. was not involved with nor is responsible for the content on outside educational resource sites.